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Bod Mart

A place where you can have fun.

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Hi welcome to BODMART. Here you can find all your bod mod needs. You can sell/trade/buy anything that you need here.

I know being a member of BOD_MOD_TRADE alot of things are highly prices, so I wanted to make a community where everything isnt so expensive.

You can sell just about anything here, if you want to get rid of it, go ahead. Bodmart should be a friendly environment full of people that adore modifications.

Want to show off your piercings being a new member? Go for it. Tats perhaps? Why not!

Have questions about getting piercings? Want to know something, having a problem? Why not stop here and talk to fellow bod mod lovers!

No Flakers. No expections.
Be kind. (rewind) :D
Must enjoy modification.
Friendly people.